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Use our Robo-Credit Card processor

  • Automated Credit card processing

    No human intervention required

  • Cheap Automated Debt Collection

    From calls to collections we do it all for pennies

  • Call centers transfers to take payments

    Payments are direct deposit into your account

Each message can be personalized

Upload your list of data, create a text message template and send out thousands of personal, customized Text's to your clients.

Bulk SMS service

You may upload additional parameters with your phone numbers list to dynamically create personal text and Text-To-Speech phone calls.

Other automated text message suppliers require that every message needs to be reviewed and approved by a panel before it can be sent out and that you use a SHORT-CODE and provide a key word to get a response. This is VERY time consuming for setup and makes sending out a targeted message to a small group not worth the effort. allows you to send a customized message out to 100's of thousands of people in just a few minutes.

Uses for our SMS / Text Messages:

Emergency & Media • Rapid Response • Mobile Polling and Notifications • Marketing messages to your customer base • Sales and promotions to existing clients • Meeting coordination for rallies and demonstrations • Multilevel marketing broadcasts for events and group meetings • Payment reminders and collections

Robotalker's text messages are the same as sending out automated phone calls to a list of numbers.


Text To Speech Automatic Calls

Multilingual Text-To-Speech phone calls can be dynamically built from information in your database for use as appointment reminders, late payment reminders, informational calls, and fraud prevention using our simple to use portal.


Here are some great tips for improving the experience:

1. Using a comma or full stop will cause a small pause and sometimes change the emphasis of the prior word
2. Changing the order of words can subtly affect the pronunciation
3. Every 100 characters the speech will make a pause if it encounters a comma
4. Using quotes around words can change their pronunciation
5. Putting words together like TinCan will improve the pronunciation
6. Placing words together with a hyphen can improve the pronunciation
7. Letters on their own are spoken well as in 'A P I' whereas API will be spoken as 'appy'
8. Letters are read better than numbers as with rather than '145' try using 'one hundred and forty five'

Dynamically build voice phone messages with our text to speech in 32 languages:

Hello #name#, We are calling to remind you of your appointment with #var1# on #var2# at #var3#. Please hit number 3 on your phone now to confirm or hit the number 1 to speak with the office and re-schedule your appointment. Thanks from Acme Medical Clinic!

RoboTalker automatically detects the message language then instantly generates personalized reminder phone calls in the listener's native language.

How to connect your application to ours

Restful API

View REST Interface
Interface allowing phone calls and SMS options

SSL connection for data security. TTS, pre-recorded messages, data driven SMS's

Interface allowing phone calls and SMS options

SSL connection for data security. TTS, pre-recorded messages, data driven SMS's

Allow website forms to send out calls

In 30 minutes and you are up and running

Salesforce API

Salesforce API
We have integrated clients to SF in the past

We can tailor a connection as per our requirements

Sugar API

Sugar CRM api
We can provide a custom link to your CRM for a small programming fee

Ask us for a quotation to automatically send out calls:

Step by step on how each call is delivered

  • 1 Calls are dialed and rings for a minimum of 8 times
  • 2 Live answers the message is played at once looking for users to hit keys to trigger events
  •      2a If number 7 is hit anytime during the playing of a message and get an email indicating the name and number.
  •      2b If number 1 is hit anytime during the playing of the message to transfer the caller to the caller ID
  •      2c If number 9 is hit anytime during the playing of the message the system will change user's group to "User_OptOut"
  • 3 If the call is answered by voice mail, the system will wait for 2 seconds of silence before playing the message.
  • 4 Call results are logged and reported in the summary report emailed after the last call has been delivered

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We are 100% FCC/FTC Legal

We offer 100% FTC / FCC legal automated marketing calls by following the FCC and FTC rules to the letter. We can provide a dedicated phone number in each of the 50 states allowing us to legally originate and terminate automated phone calls WITHIN each state. These calls never cross state lines so are NOT subject to any federal laws. The caller Id on each call is within the state and call recipients may call back this number and be connected to you. This makes 100% compliant with FTC and FCC rules and regulations for automated phone calls and only makes your automated phone calls subject to state and local laws, if any.

You must display a caller ID PREFIX within the state we are making calls so that all origination and completions remain intra-state and not inter-state calls to be compliant with only the state laws

"The FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule applies to telemarketers who make calls across state lines on behalf of charitable organizations.

The Rule restricts calling times to the hours between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. The Rule also requires telemarketers to promptly identify the charitable organization they represent and to disclose that the purpose of the call is to ask for a contribution. Telemarketers may not mislead you or lie to get your contribution."

FTC Automated calling rules

FTC Telemarketing rules

FTC SMS rules

 Multi-State ONLY Calling FTC rules and regulations:

If your calls stay inside of one state then you only need to follow your local state's automated calling rules.

While some states do have laws regarding automated phone calls many do not and only do to stop fraud and those companies who might take advantage of the elderly. Political Robo-calls are 100% legal everywhere with the exception of California due to a recent law passed that is under appeal.

We can do everything for you!

What we need at least 30 minutes before messages should be sent:

Your phone numbers in ether CVS, Excel, or text a file

The start time, end time and date(s) for calls to go out.

Your Email and Password for your RoboTalker account

The phone number to display for the phone calls caller ID.

Email this information to: Support

You may also call us with your instructions at: 954.903.0834

Call this number to record your message by phone: +1.954.320.6484 or email us your audio file.

CONTACT US NOW AT: 954-320-6484