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We manage your calls for you at no charge!

*  We can craft an EFFECTIVE marketing message to get new customers into your business.

*  Not good with a computer? No problem, we load your list and send out calls.

*  Unlike competitors,  messages are Crystal CLEAR and we complete ALL CALLS from your list.

*  Stay legal and follow all federal and state laws using our safe Robo-Calling system.

*  Lowest priced on automated phone calls with FREE transfer talk time and emails for key-hits.

We are the lowest cost way to robo call customers by providing FCC & FTC compliant automated phone that are allowable in all states. Our Bulk SMS messages do not require preapproval by us!

Sign for $29 and get 200 calls or text messages free!

    • Calls or bulk text messages, the more you buy the better the pricing.
    • No contracts, monthly fees, or charges for transfers talk-time minutes.
    • You only pay for robo-calls that are delivered to live person or machine.
    • You may have two separate messages and can be 3 minutes in length.
    • Your phone numbers are ALWAYS CONFIDENTIAL and never shared.
    • No monthly fees, pay as you go and your call units NEVER expire.
    • Live transfer are FREE with free talk time without additional charges.

Automated calling is easy and cost only pennies a call 

    • WE HAVE THE LOWEST OVERALL COST PER CALL without hidden charges or fees.
    • Ask for our discounts for schools and 501C non-profit organizations.
    • Pay with credit card, ACH, PayPal, Checks with approved credit.
    • 8 years making robocalls with close to 1000 active, satisfied clients.
    • We load all numbers, messages and send out calls for you upon request.
    • We will guide you to make a great message. MAKE A MESSAGE: VIDEO

Call us anytime with questions at: 888.666.0981 / 954.903.0834 

See how simple it is to make automated phone calls


We are a reliable robocall service who provides automated calling service for businesses to make robo phone calls using their web browser. Our automated calling system allows everyone to make automated calls without buying any of the automated calling systems available to run from home. We leave automated phone messages that are completely differ than the live message that the automated caller broadcasts. So you no longer need to buy automated calling software, install it and maintain it so now robocall software is pretty much obsolete. We offer 200 free robocalls with sign up and these automated calling units never expire. You know that automated phone calls free business owners from making 1000’s of calls manually and wasting their employee’s time. For IT departments wanting to make automated phone calls we offer dynamic text to voice calls to enable automation for billing and bill collection robo calls. I Think it is apparent that automated calling does not need to be in house to manage an automated phone call system. We provide a simple user interface for the automatic phone caller by using a browser, therefore automated phone call software to make automated phone calls is no longer needed. Cheap robocalls and cheap SMS messages can be made in a few minutes after signup. No longer does a person need to spend hours sending out bulk text messages from your personal cell phone. Automated phone calls and automated text messages can now be used by churches and non-profits to broadcast messages to large groups of people with a single click of a mouse. Our Bulk text messages are legal and simple to set up in the same way as automated phone calls free from the time that normally is wasted. Bill collection automated phone calls, marketing automated phone calls and community groups can use to start voice broadcasting to thousands in just a few minutes. Automated political surveys are a cost effective way to target select voter groups. The same message is consistently delivered repeatedly, personalized and allowing the voter to respond to questions by hitting different keys on their phone. Voter surveys answers provided by the phone keypad are emailed to you after the end of each call campaign easy viewing. Automated voter opinion surveys will determine your level of voter support for pennies a call.The key to successful political surveys is frequency and instant feedback obtained by using a touch tone phone to gather results. A Robo-Call will give you the ability to reach a higher percentage of your audience to obtain voter survey results. You can use RoboTalker as a stand-alone voter survey tool or as an add-on to your campaign management plan. We are experts at getting more votes and raising name recognition in the voting booth with robo calls. If you would like to use our robo calls to boost your votes and get out your message then take a look at why we are the best automated phone call provider. Public opinion polls indicate that to get votes from absentee voters and obtain absentee ballots in your favor that automated phone calls work well. If you want to find out what is important to voters then you must make absentee ballot automated phone calls to pick up the votes and POLL VOTERS for valuable information that would normally be lost. The truth is clear that auto calls get voter's options by using an auto dialed and your recorded voice survey to poll hundreds of thousands of voters. When you autodial with political robo calls to get votes, your broadcast voice creates voter awareness and allows you to get your message out to the masses and critical times in voter campaigns. Many of campaign consultants use our automated phone calls to make voters aware of ballots measures and special elections with a targeted message that only reaches the registered voters. So if you want an effective way to allow voters to hear your voice ice, relate to you as a person and get more votes, then try our robo-calling service to reach voters during political campaigns for Senate, Congress of local elections. If you want a better turn out from your party then political voice broadcasting and political polling using automated calls is what you are looking for to increase votes and increase your chances of election by finding out what issues are important to your voters and focusing on those election issues.
Our clients have realized through using RoboTalker as a measurement tool of customer satisfaction can be more effective than mailers and emails. Think about it for a moment, don’t all people answer their phones or at least listen to their voice mail? A Robo-Call will give you the ability to reach a higher percentage of your audience to attain survey results.You can use RoboTalker as a stand-alone survey tool or as an add-on to your current quality management plan.A well executed survey campaign will make a difference to your bottom line by providing valuable marketing information for just pennies a call while your product is still fresh in the consumer's mind.