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robo call and text questions and answers

Can I call or text any phone number that I want?

Yes, we are a service provider in the same way as a local telephone company and do not restrict phone calls or text messages for any reason OTHER THAN FRAUD. It is up to the client to determine if they have a relationship with customers and follow State laws for those calls that originate and end in the same state. We do not filter or scrub your call lists and only remove duplicate phone numbers upon upload and when scheduling from multiple groups. We do provide compliance to text message opt-out list and this is transparent to our clients and we have THREE text message providers to insure the highest delivery percentage regardless if a person has opted-out.

Are there any additional or hidden costs for using this service?

No additional costs. Messages can be up to TWO MINUTES LONG, transfers to the caller Id are FREE, no setup fees or contracts, replies to your text messages are FREE, no hided fees or charges outside of the prepaid message units. All of our RESTFUL, SOAP, POST and HL7 API's used for automation are provided at no charge for support and use.

Will our phone numbers and contact information be safe and secure?

We specifically state in our terms and conditions that we will never use any of your information as it is your information and not our property. MOST dialing companies SELL or USE your contact information for marketing campaigns or sell online. Read our terms:

How do we protect your organization's PHI?

Our Hipaa Servers are physically located is in the USA and follow all Hipaa data requirements for compliance. All contact information is encrypted in database and completely secured. History of calls and text messages are erased after a user defined period of time. Emailed reports are redacted of all PHI while still retaining job history for audits Dynamic Text to Speech messages are erased automatically after calls are completed. Dynamic text messages are erased automatically after text messages are sent. Statistical analysis history is erased from the system after 5-180 days. User decided durations. Users can have multiple logins for view only of call and text history. REST, POST and SOAP interfaces are also 100% Hipaa compliant. Our Hipaa site is located at:

What is the cost for each phone call or text message?

You may purchase message units that can be used for ether one completed phone call to a live answer or voicemail or two text messages up to 154 chars in length. Each 154 chars = 1/2 a message unit. Example: 100 phone numbers and 70 people answered live and 20 people's calls went to voicemail would equal a subtraction of your call balance of 90 message units for the 100 phone numbers dialed. The same 100 message units can be used for 200, 154 char text messages or 100 308 char text messages. Text messages are subtracted off your message unit balance for completed and incomplete delivery so try to make sure that you use cell phone numbers. You may filter your phone list for 1/4 message unit / contact checks when you upload a list in the portal.

How long does it take to deliver call and text messages?

Phone calls go out quickly with no speed limiting are delivered at 120,000 phone calls / hour while text messages can be delivered at a rate of 20,000 text / hour.

How do I record my voice for live and voicemail messages?

There are FOUR ways to record a message for your robocalls.

1) Dial the phone number supplied in the portal, enter your key code and start talking. Messages can be up to 2 MINUTES LONG and you can play one message for a live answer and a different message for voicemail. The system can detect if a live person answers or an answering machine. This allows you to customize your message for the live message to prompt people to press keys to request more information, opt out or be transferred to the caller ID number display (FREE TRANSFERS OF CALLS FOR 20 TALK TIME MINUTES, then disconnect). You may record as many messages as you like and they will show up in the user portal. You many then play them back and name them for later use and erase those that will not be used.

2) Upload an audio file in the user portal by selecting the message file in any format and uploading into your list. You can then rename and later use in call jobs or play it for incoming phone calls using the auto-responder. These messages can be created by professional voice talent or record on your cell phone and edited then uploaded.

3) Record your message inside the user portal using your PC's microphone. This way of recording a message works with most browsers and is self-explanatory.

4) Email us the message file at and we can clean, crop and trim the message and then we can upload the message for you.

Can I mix different languages messages for the Text To Speech

Yes, The system will automatically detect the langauge used in the text and create a message in that native lanuage.

Can I disable the report emails if I send a lot of calls and text?

Yes, simply set your "Report email" in the user portal default settings to

Can we automaically erase contacts after our messages are sent?

Many people use automated phone calls and text messages for appointment reminders and do not need to reuse the contacts. We can turn on our automated contact removal three days after the reminder calls or text messages are sent.

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