Property mangers keep your tenants informed

We are hands down we are the simplest system to send out automated phone calls and bulk text messages. Property management companies to be licensed real estate brokers are tasked with collecting rent, listing properties for rent or helping negotiate leases and doing inspections as a third-party. Automated phone calls and text messages can be used for all these tasks. Owners who manage their own property often times do not wish to call tenants and demand eviction or late payments that can be done using an automated phone call and text message reminders. Property managers can avoid awkward conversations with tenants who might be late with their rent and need a reminder every month. Water shutoffs and snow removal parking notices can all be done with THREE CLICKS of your mouse.

Best value and the best service

No contracts or monthly fees- all services are in prepaid blocks.
Allow your customers to subscribe to your text and call lists.
International coverage North & South America, Australia & Europe.
We are HIPAA compliant for messages containing PPHI.
Transfer calls are FREE- no conversation time charges.
FREE! long messages can be up to TWO MINUTES in length.
Ring-less voicemails for DIRECT delivery to voicemail ~80%.
We GUARANTEE the successful delivery of your RoboCalls!
Private text number with a local areas code for $25/year.
Volume pricing: texts down to 1.25¢ with calls down to 2.5¢.

Your Calls and text messages are 100% FTC / FCC legal

Organizations, businesses, employers, and retailers can message their customers legally. Using RoboCalls or text messages for marketing inside of a state's borders are legal as federal FTC laws DO NOT apply (state laws might). 501C's can legally call or text message ANYONE nationwide for fundraising activities.

Our interface is 100% web based and works with any IPad, IPhone, Apple Laptop, Windows PC or your Android device.