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Send out voice, TTS & SMS messages from SalesForce Account

Make a trigger to an outbound message to send out customized SMS's and voice calls.

Bulk SMS service

Salesforce Outbound Soap Messages To RoboTalker

In order to setup Outbound Soap Messages you need a Salesforce developer account. Then login to and selectSetup at the top of the page:


Then you select Build | Create | Workflow and Approvals | Outbound Messages.


Here you may see an Understanding Workflow page, which you can read if desired, and then continue to the Outbound Message page where you select New Outbound Message:


Here you pick an object such as Lead and then you fill in the required information. If you check Send Session ID, then the outbound message will contain a session ID which can be used for subsequent calls back to Salesforce. Lastly you pick the message fields you want in the notification.


Now we have defined a message – next we have to define a workflow rule which uses the message. Select Build | Create |Workflow and Approvals | Workflow Rules. Here you may again see the Understanding Workflow page, and after that you select New Rule:


Fill in the required fields, for example like below, and save:


Finally, it’s important to check that the rule is marked as Active:


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