Web form automated phone number validation


Our simple phone number validation snippet allows you to:

Validate phone numbers BEFORE the visitor leaves your web form

Steps to setup validation for a web page:

1. Your forms remain the same and you simply add a JS snippet of code in the bottom of the web page.
2. This tiny bit of JS code sends a text message containing a verification code.
3. The JS code pops up and prompts the user to insert the code and returns "success" or "failed" and hides the popup.
4. All Phone numbers are saved in the robotalker port with group name of "success" or "failed".
5. Works in 12 languages and makes a phone call if text message fails and reads the number for the user to enter into the website.
6. This service automatically makes a phone call if the phone number rejects the text message and speaks the code for entry.
7. No additional cost for this phone number verification service and uses standard Robotalker text and phone call message units

Robo-Validation adds TEREMENDOUS value to your leads with a confirmed phone number!

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