Engage your new subscribers immediately upon sign up

Need to communicate quickly with your new subscribers, users, or customers? By providing you with their contact information on your website, you can immediately send them an automated message with an array of info of your choosing!

Robotalker's Automated Welcome SMS can be used to:

SAY WELCOME AND THANK YOU – Send a thank you txt message, welcome message, or phone app link.
BUILD A RELATIONSHIP – Start a SMS conversation with a new sign up and continue the conversation via text.
PROVIDE LINKS AND INSTRUCTIONS – Craft a text message to provide new users with help info, necessary links and instructions.
OFFER COUPONS & DEALS – As people sign up, send them alerts about discounts and coupon codes.
SEND INVOICES, RECEIPTS & TRACKING – Send information to new sales, including receipts and tracking information.
ASK THEM QUESTIONS – To start a conversation: "Hey, just wondering how you heard about our service?"

Insert one small line of hidden HTML code into any website and when a new subscriber submits a form containing their phone number, we will send your automated text message and add them to your Robotalker contact list.
No coding required, simply copy and paste this code into your website on the page containing the form and you are ready to go!

Get 4 of these "Welcome text messages" for each message unit. That's 1/2 the price of our normal SMS messages!

Reach out to buyers immediately upon purchase

As soon as a customer interacts with your business, keep them engaged by starting a conversation with them at sign up! Robotalker has added this feature as we know how important it is to interact with your customers, and the faster you can chat with them, the happier they'll be with your service!
Do you have people visiting your website and signing up at all hours of the day and all days of the week? Now you can send them an automated text message at their time of sign up to communicate important information immediately. Now there's NO DELAY in providing excellent customer service to your new sign ups.
Need to tell them how to access their exclusive membership site? Or want to send a satisfaction survey to ensure they're already happy with the purchase? Or maybe you just want to provide them with a receipt so they know you're a trusted company after payment is received.
With one simple line of HTML code on your website, users can input their phone number and be automatically added to your Robotalker phone list.
That means you can contact them automatically with valuable information at sign up AND they're also added to your phone list for future call and text campaigns. With Robotalker's Welcome SMS the options of what to say to your new subscribers is endless, all at half the price of a normal SMS message.