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Why Us? - We provide the highest service quality in the voice broadcasting industry, we specialize in voice broadcasting software and lead generation software. With many free options that our competitors do not practice. For example “Hit #1” campaigns used by call centers, we deliver a completely different message for answering machines that provide addtional sales. For people who do not pick up, leaving an answering message is the only way to reach them.

FTC Compliance - We are FTC compliant in that we follow all of the new regulations for marketing automated phone calls by providing key hit (9 sign) Opt-Out for live answers and a toll free number at the end of every message delivered to an answering machine. We also follow all FTC abandonment rules with our predictive dialer by ringing each for at least 15 seconds before dropping the call.

Call Delivery Percentage -We provide the best delivery of any automated call provider with a guaranty of 98% of your phone numbers will ring the phone. Low cost robo call providers typically state on the website a 20%-30% fall out rate and this is because they are not willing to pay for phone calls that are expensive to deliver. If you are making political campaign phone calls then you must reach all voters with your message.

Some Background About Our Team..

RoboTalker Inc. is an on-line supplier of voice broadcasting software services and solutions with a long history of creating successful solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Our background consist of applications in medical imaging sold throughout North and South America, Web based streaming video devices, and industrial inspection systems for both Ford Motor Company and General Motors. Many of us have worked together for more than 15 years providing cutting edge solutions in middle-ware and database management. We have been creating and managing IT solutions for more than 20 years.

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Thomas Mahoney (Partner) - Director
Eastern Michigan University
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Dual Certified in Project Management from PMI and Stanford University.

Voice broadcasting

Michael Ryvkin - Senior Programmer / Applications Engineer
Krivoy Rog Technical University
Krivoy Rog, Ukraine Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
automated phone calls Mohammad Kamruzzaman- Senior IVR -VOIP Engineer
Bangladesh University Of Engineering and Technology
BS  Electrical & Electronic Engineering

We have provided excellent solutions for many years and have come together to create this new and innovative service.