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Three simple steps

1. Upload your list of phone numbers and variables in a CSV.

2. Create a text message template including #----# place holders.

3. Send out thousands of personalized text messages to your clients.

Bulk SMS service

You may upload additional parameters to create personal text messages and Text-To-Speech phone calls for specific numbers on your contact lists.
Most of our competitors require that every message be reviewed and then approved before delivery, as well as the mandatory use of a SHORT-CODE and keyword to receive a response. This is an extremely time-consuming process and so, sending a targeted message to a small group of individuals is hardly worth the effort. However, whether you're sending a customized message to ten people or ten thousand people, makes the process simple and quick!

Text messages may be personalize by inserting specific information to each contact's message.

Hello #name#, We are texting to remind you of your appointment with #var1# on #var2# at #var3#. Reply with YES to confirm or to reschedule your appointment call 800-234-4567. Jones Medical Clinic!

Uses for our SMS / Text Messages:
Emergency & Media • Rapid Response • Mobile Polling and Notifications • Marketing messages to your customer base • Sales and promotions to existing clients • Meeting coordination for rallies and demonstrations • Multilevel marketing broadcasts for events and group meetings • Payment reminders and collections

Robotalker's text messages are just as efficient and effective as sending out automated phone calls to a list of numbers!


We can do everything for you!

Here's ALL we need from you at least 30 minutes before message delivery time:

- your contact list in ether a CVS, Excel, or text file format

- the start time, end time, and date(s) for delivery of calls

- the login information for your RoboTalker account

- the phone number you want displayed as the caller ID

Email this information to: Support

You may also call us with your instructions at: 954.903.0834

Call this number to record your message by phone: +1.954.320.6484 or email us your audio file.

CONTACT US NOW AT: 954-320-6484