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The development of today's digital business is done through the capture of potential customers through your interaction and content sharing on the site, on social networks, or anywhere where your company has a digital presence. For that user to become a customer, you must carry out effective communication strategies.

One of the general characteristics of the user/purchaser of today is that he does not like to feel neglected. Because of this, the use of tools that automate contacts is so useful. This allows a quick, effective and 24/7 response.

The most common strategy is to use automatic systems for email lists. However, some users do not like to be "bothered" via email. The automated calling system becomes a perfect ally. It is a novel system that allows an extensive, easy and fast interaction. It is a cheap and effective mean of communication and is the ideal tool to expand the dissemination of your information. These are the main ways you can use an automated calling system:

  1. Telemarketing and Telesales

The most frequent use is to contact leads to make conversions of your products or services. The best services such as Robo Talker will allow you to configure your lists according to each target you will work.

  1. Promote a Product

You can develop a specific campaign about the differential properties of a particular product or service. In this way you can persuade the lead to buy, increasing your business profits.

  1. Surveys

Massive calls are a powerful tool for collecting data regarding your current or potential market. Knowing the consumption habits, satisfaction level, opinions regarding current products is precious information for you, and will allow you to develop more successful marketing strategies.

  1. Communicate Events

Call systems allow you to provide information regarding time, date and address of your activities. It is perfect for announcing product launches, pre-sales, parties, anniversaries, birthdays, parades, corporate meetings, forums, webinars, conferences or meetings, among others.

  1. Loyalty Club

You can use automatic calls to send information such as miles or points accumulated, and also promotions or awards received for belonging to your company's loyalty programs.

  1. Collection

If you offer subscription services, this is an effective way to get relevant information such as the debt amount, payment date, or arrears in fees to your subscribers.

  1. Helpdesk

You can notify actions related to your customer services (the user can obtain information such as the status of their case). This strategy increases your level of service and therefore the level of satisfaction for your user.

  1. Appointments and Meetings

You can automate the treatment of meetings with your clients as the confirmation of the meeting, the date, and the meeting place.

  1. Emergencies

If an unexpected event occurs, such as fires, floods, gas leaks, natural disasters, this tool can be handy. It is also excellent for handling security violations to a user account attacks or detecting abnormal activity.

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