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Best Hipaa Compliant Texting App

What You Need To Know About The Best HIPAA Compliant Texting App

A HIPAA compliant texting application is an app that nurses, hospital staffs, and doctors use to transfer the PHI (personal health information) of patients that are being taking care of by the clinic or the facility. HIPAA compliant application must be utilized when doctors or hospital staffs send messages that contain vital information about their patients.

This privacy of patients mandate was initiated by Congress with its HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) in 1996 that stated why maintaining the privacy of patients is very important and ensured the protection of patient privacy.

If hospital staffs fail to use a HIPAA compliant messaging application when sending information to their coworkers, it might result in a HIPAA fine. Officials of HIPAA have cited some healthcare facilities for exchanging confidential information of patients that was neither password protected or encrypted. If HIPAA officials find any health care facility that is not using the best HIPAA compliant texting app, the fine they will be charged with can reach some millions of dollars.

The Requirement for HIPAA Compliant Texting Application

For a hospital or clinic to start using this solution, the facility needs to look for the best HIPAA compliant texting app that guarantees every exchanged information including messages and texts that contain the data of patients are both encrypted and secure.

When healthcare centers integrate a HIPAA compliant texting solution into their organization, the clinic or hospital must maintain appropriate and reasonable technical, physical and administrative safeguards for securing the electronic personal health information (PHI) of patients. We offer the best HIPAA compliant texting app. All you have to do is to give us a call, and we will help you integrate it into your organization.

The Benefits of Utilizing A HIPAA Compliant Texting Application

Improved Communication: There are a lot of benefits healthcare facilities get to enjoy when they employ a HIPAA compliant texting app into their system of operation. The use of the app helps to enhance communication between doctors and nurses. Instead of tracking down coworkers via paper and not reaching them whenever you need them, taking advantage of this application facilitates communications amongst doctors, hospital staffs, and nurses.

Improved Efficiency and Reduced Cost: According to study, when conventional papers are used in the setting of a healthcare system, it increases the time as well as the cost of taking care of a patient. According to the same study, it was discovered that papers cost the healthcare industry about $11B every year.

These expenses were as a result of the delays caused by papers in providing patients the care they need and also the time wasted when using papers to coordinate care. We are here to help you reduce costs in your healthcare facility by providing you with an app that will improve efficiency and minimize your cost of operation.

The use of this application is mandatory for all hospitals and clinics, and it is recommended that you get the best HIPAA compliant texting app that will satisfy the needs of your organization.


Best Hipaa Compliant Texting App
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