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Hipaa Compliant Phone Calls

How HIPAA Compliant Phone Calls Will Forever Change The Health Care World

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in and around the health care world is well aware of the importance of HIPAA compliance. The HIPAA compliance laws are designed to make sure that physicians and facilities are compliant with all of the most important rules and regulations.

HIPAA compliant phone calls have now become a part of our lives and they are changing physician/patient relationships for the better. There are a wide range of ways that HIPAA compliant phone calls will forever alter the world of health care as we know it and we are here to provide further insight into each of them.

Sharing Across Multiple Locations

When we are able to receive HIPAA compliant phone calls, the communication information does not have to remain in the same location. The money that a medical facility will have to spend on multiple phone lines is diminished and so is the amount of time that is spent making the phone calls in the first place. In network extensions can be installed to handle this aspect of the proceedings immediately.

Foreign Language Assistance

Patients who do not speak English as a first language have often struggled to receive the medical assistance that they are entitled to. If a site happens to receive a high volume of calls from patients who predominantly speak Spanish, they are able to leverage these types of systems in a way that allows the patient to receive the help that they need much more quickly than they would have otherwise.

Caller ID Provided At All Locations

Doctors who receive HIPAA complaint phone calls utilize softphone applications that allow for a proper display of the patient information. These applications also come with a feature that will make sure that the doctor can make calls from their personal phone in the proper manner. Even if the doctor is making a call to a patient from their personal smartphone, the caller ID will still show the phone number from their office.

Clearer View of Potential Availability

When patients make calls that are of a more crucial nature, they need to know that their concerns are going to be addressed quickly. With HIPAA compliant phone calls, both sides have the means to come together more rapidly. Patients benefit because they are no longer being sent to a voicemail system. Instead of being sent to unused extensions, the patient actually achieves all of their desired objectives with just one phone call.

Expanding The Physician's Reach

No one ever stops to consider all of the patients who reside in areas where medical care is not readily available. Every great physician will want to make sure that they are assisting as many patients as possible, though. Video calling services can be used as well but the physician and patient will need to make sure that they remain in compliance. Skype and FaceTime are not considered to be compliant forms of video conferencing at the present time so be sure to bear that in mind.


Hipaa Compliant Phone Calls
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Hipaa Compliant Phone Calls Hipaa Compliant Phone Calls Hipaa Compliant Phone Calls Hipaa Compliant Phone Calls Hipaa Compliant Phone Calls