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Hipaa Compliant Phone Service

5 Questions We Must Ask A Provider To Ensure HIPAA Compliant Phone Service

Many businesses and medical facilities operate from a certain blind spot when it comes to the manner in which HIPAA regulations can affect their business. They are not always aware of the fact that violations of these regulations tend to be taken with the utmost level of seriousness.

When we are in the process of establishing a HIPAA compliant phone service, there are certain questions that we need to be asking in order to make sure that this does not happen to us. Instead of violating these regulations and remaining blissfully unaware of that fact, why not take the time to ask the following questions?

1) Are You HIPAA Compliant?

Don't assume that every service provider that you meet with is going to already be in compliance. This is the type of question that seems obvious yet so many potential clients are guilty of forgetting to ask it. Many companies have yet to become compliant and this will hinder our chances of setting up our own HIPAA compliant phone service if we do not take the time to ask.

2) How Is Compliance Ensured?

It is one thing for a service provider to claim that they are in compliance. It is up to the client to probe further and find out more about what they are actually doing to remain in compliance. Telecommunications companies are never able to rest on their laurels and this is an ongoing process. Not only should they be able to provide us with information about present compliance but they must also be able to lend insight about future compliance tactics.

3) Are You Assessed Independently?

We've all heard about the companies that conduct their own "internal" investigators and they all end up going about the same way. The company investigates themselves and big surprise! They find themselves free and clear of all potential wrongdoing. In order to remain in HIPAA compliance, a service provider must allow for independent investigations to take place. The best providers will actively seek out this sort of third party verification.

4) Will Your Company Sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement?

The communications provider that we select must take the time to sign and provide a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. This is a non negotiable aspect of the proceedings and should definitely be treated as such. A provider that is willing to offer such an agreement is a provider that we can trust. If they are not going to sign the paperwork associated with a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, this is your cue to disqualify them from potential consideration.

5) Do We Need Any Assistance With Our Own Compliance?

This is another question that we will often forget to ask until it is too our own detriment. Our systems may need to be configured in a manner that allows for a greater level of compliance and the best service providers are more than willing to offer the advice that we need. When we choose the proper provider for our HIPAA compliant phone services, we are given access to a compliance officer who ensures our continued ability to follow the necessary protocol.


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