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Hipaa Compliant Text Messaging Products

3 Reasons Why HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging Products Are Crucial

When it comes to HIPAA security and making that we are compliant when text messaging with patients, finding the right service provider can be tough. Locating the proper company to outfit our business with HIPAA compliant text messaging products is not always as easy as it looks.

This guide aims to remove all of the guesswork from the process and make our lives significantly easier. Once we have access to a secure platform, we are able to establish a closer relationship with our patients and reap all of the benefits that come with HIPAA compliant text message products. Read on to learn more about why these products are so important.

1) On The Go Communication

Once health care professionals have obtained the proper products for HIPAA compliant text messaging, they are able to open up a whole new world for themselves from a communications standpoint. Whether they wish to send messages to patients or receive correspondence from other staff members about various aspects of the practice, they can do so without having to worry about compliance issues.

With the proper text messaging products that allow a practice to avoid HIPAA related sanctions, doctors can even come together with colleagues to share diagnosis information without ever having to set foot in the same room. Patients who are looking for a faster discharge from the hospital benefit because doctors who can communicate over text have the opportunity to accelerate the process.

2) Enhanced Nurse and Doctor Communication

Doctors and nurses are both on the move constantly. Even if they work in the same facility, they may not have the chance to meet face to face regularly. However, the advances that have been made when it comes to text messaging products have forever altered the way that doctors and nurses communicate with one another. The amount of phone tag that is played is reduced significantly.

In the medical community, time is one of the most valuable assets of all. Any application that can reduce the amount of time that is spent trying to remain in contact regarding key medical issues that are taking place should be considered a godsend. With the use of HIPAA text messaging products, time is allocated in a far wiser manner.

3) Faster Procedures Overall

These products are useful inside and outside of the hospital. In addition to all of the assistance that we receive at the facility where we work, we are able to assist patients in a plethora of ways. Patient concerns can be handled more quickly when they have access to secure text messaging. They are also able to get their hands on their prescriptions without having to jump through any unnecessary hoops.

Emergency response times are further enhanced with the use of text messaging products that have been approved by HIPAA and home healthcare workers who need to remain in constant contact with their patients benefit, too. The admissions department at a hospital may also opt for secure text messaging in order to speed up their admissions process.


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