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Hipaa Compliant Voicemail Script

5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Creating A HIPAA Compliant Voicemail Script

HIPAA regulations can be tough to adhere to and creating a fully compliant voicemail script for robocalls is not always easy. There a number of pitfalls that can take place when we are in need of a HIPAA compliant voicemail script. Thanks to this helpful guide, the nuances of HIPAA compliance when establishing a proper voicemail script are easier to understand.

That's why we urge our readers to find out more before they fall into the same traps that others have experienced in the past when establishing a robocall system. While the process of learning more about HIPAA compliance may not be a fun one to bring up at our next shindig, those who read on can find out everything that they need to know.

1) Failure to Obtain The Right Number

HIPAA compliance in these instances starts by obtaining the correct phone number. A virtual number is often considered to be best since it allows for a greater level of separation between a patient and their clients. In order to remain in compliance, we must also set up a phoning system that allows for the office's ID to show up on the patient's telephone. Calling from a personal phone without taking the time to do so is strictly forbidden.

2) Not Checking The Rights To The Number First

It may be shocking to learn that some physicians and their associated medical facilities do not take the time to handle this aspect of the proceedings first. HIPAA compliance protocol states that we must make sure that we actually have the rights to the aforementioned number that we select before we port it. This allows us to enjoy the full benefits of the robocall feature.

3) Not Speaking To HIPAA Professionals

If there are any questions that take place during the process of establishing a number, there are no shortage of HIPAA professionals who are willing to assist us. Compliance is determined by the phone service that we choose and their ability to draw up the proper Business Associate Agreement. Once we have handled this step of the process, we can create the proper voicemail script for our patients.

4) Not Using an Auto Attendant

After we have made sure that we have the proper phone number and phone line that have been approved by HIPAA, the last thing that we should be doing is leaving all of the hard work to a real, live attendant. Not only does an auto attendant allow us to ensure complete compliance by reciting the message in the same manner each time but a robocalling system also lends a medical facility a much higher degree of overall credibility.

5) Procrastination

All of the aforementioned mistakes tend to be made when we fail to take the time to handle these sorts of tasks in a timely manner. The more time we waste once it comes time to deal with these sorts of concerns, the more likely we are to run into the difficulties that we have just discussed. Be sure to establish a robocalling system and a HIPAA compliant script for voicemails before it is too late.


Hipaa Compliant Voicemail Script
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