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Hipaa Compliant Voicemail Service

5 Reasons To Establish A HIPAA Compliant Voicemail Service

When it comes to the ins and outs of a HIPAA compliant voicemail service, there are a number of us who remain woefully confused on the matter. After all, can't any medical facility simply establish their own robocalling services that allow them to handle this task with relative ease?

Unfortunately, a HIPAA compliant voicemail service comes with a few important rules and regulations. This protocol is established with our best interests at heart, though. Let's take a closer look at the five most important reasons to establish a HIPAA compliant voicemail service so that would be robocallers are able to make the right decisions going forward.

1) Security Is Based On Roles

Thanks to the benefits of HIPAA compliance, systems are established that keep users on both sides of the equation protected. The patient is able to receive timely reminders about appointments and the like with ease. Meanwhile, the physicians responsible for providing the information can exercise a much higher level of control over who is able to access certain patient information. This is just one of the advantages that HIPAA security rules provide.

2) Backup Plans

HIPAA regulations are established as a means of fixing obvious issues that are taking place in the medical community. For example, readers would be stunned to learn that all of their contact information is not always being backed up properly. HIPAA regulations state the data needs to be backed up in the correct manner and for physicians who wish to avoid the problems associated with lost data? These rules are a godsend.

3) Robocalling

Robocalling offers us a level of convenience that we cannot even begin to fathom and it is one of the most crucial advantages that phone services of this nature can provide. There is no reason why we should still be asking a live staff member to handle tasks of this nature. Once we have taken the correct steps to ensure our compliance, we are able to reap all of the benefits that robocalling can offer in the medical field.

4) Saving Time

Dealing with HIPAA violations can be a very time consuming process and that is why so many safeguards have been built into the system to assist us. There are even HIPAA personnel who can walk us through every step of the process. By relying on these helpful staff members who are well experienced in handling these types of procedures, we can ask all of the right questions and avoid time draining situations.

5) Protection Against Malware

This is something that is not always considered when we are in the process of establishing our robocall system. However, those who do not take the time to consider the HIPAA regulations on these matters as well are placing themselves in a position that is far from enviable. These security regulations are established with our needs in mind. Many medical facilities fail to update the software that is used to control their voicemail service until they have already experienced a breach.


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