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3 Helpful Tips On How To Remain Compliant With HIPAA Phone Calls

When it comes to health care marketing, remaining HIPAA when we are making phone calls is of the utmost importance. Overlooking these types of rules is what lands so many health care providers in hot water over the long haul. That's why we are here to offer the most important tips and pointers on the matter.

Some of these points might seem rather obvious but there are also those who may have never stopped to consider them. The following guide provides a closer look at these tips and how they will allow a company to avoid long term difficulties and penalties.

Don't Share Confidential Patient Information

This one is rather evident to most. Yet, there are still some health care marketers who allow themselves to forget. The objective of HIPAA phone calls is to protect the information that a patient provides and when we fail to do so? We must take full responsibility. Since case studies tend to be used as a promotional tool when we are developing a health care marketing plan, things can tend to get a little bit tricky.

If the promotional material that we are utilizing includes the name of any patients, it cannot be used when we are making phone calls of this nature. Contact information cannot be included and there can be no personal identification of any kind being offered. Any and all information of this nature will cause a HIPAA phone calls related violation to take place.

Don't Use Real Pictures

Stock photos are our best friend when preparing a health care marketing plan. Contacting potential patients is great but we must also take special care not to direct them towards a website that is filled with pictures of real, live people who are experiencing health related difficulties. A provider cannot and should not ever display pictures of real patients.

Unfortunately, this is the type of mistake that is made and it is easily avoidable. Stock photos need to be sourced and actors can also be hired to portray the patients in question. Remaining compliant during the HIPAA phone calls is great and we need to make sure that we are not dropping the ball once it comes time to communicate with the usage of other methods.

Don't Offer Other Patients' Treatment Plans

A patient that is being contacted over the phone is likely to be skeptical and this is where a common issue will come into play. It is at this time that we are going to find ourselves tempted into giving out information that we should be keeping to ourselves. While the average facility is aware of the fact that they cannot post this type of information online, that does not mean they steer clear of other temptations.

Speaking about the treatment plan of any other patient over the phone is against HIPAA protocol. Even if a patient has elected to speak about their own struggles in a more public forum, we still need to remember to remain HIPAA compliant when we are making phone calls.


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