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The Many Ways That A Patient Can Benefit From HIPAA Text Messaging

HIPAA text messaging may sound like the wave of the future. In this day and age, however? We can hardly think of a more timely innovation. While there are no shortage of new and interesting forms of medical technology that can assist us, there are also a wide range of relatively rudimentary forms of technology that can also provide help.

The presence of HIPAA text messaging falls into the latter category. Text messaging remains HIPAA compliant as long as all of the proper criteria is being met. Now, the time has come for a closer examination (no pun intended) of the many ways that patients can benefit from this new and interesting practice.

Preventive Care

In many instances, a patient can benefit immensely from having access to preventive medicine. With secure and confidential text messaging, patients are no longer force to trek all the way to the doctor's office in order to find out more about their potential conditions. Text messages can also be sent as a means of reminding patients to take their prescribed medications in a timely manner.

Patients who are in the process of preparing for procedures are also able to receive these sorts of text message. Let's say that a patient is in the process of getting ready for a surgery. They are now able to receive a text message that provides them with all of the most crucial information that they need to know. That way, no avoidable mistakes are made on either end.

Scheduling Concerns

Patients who are in the midst of dealing with a troubling medical issue may not always remember to head to their appointments on time. For patients or caretakers who have a lot on their plates, a text messaging system like this one is a major godsend. Patient attendance is improved significantly when we allow ourselves to rely on systems of this nature.

A simple missed appointment might not seem like a big deal to some but it can pose a massive risk to the patient's health. Those who require regular monitoring from a health care professional can often experience issues that are entirely avoidable. With HIPAA text messaging, these types of problems will soon begin to become a thing of the past.

Cutting Down on Administrative Costs

In addition to the benefits that the patient is able to enjoy, the administrative staffs of medical facilities are also providing themselves with some major advantages. The costs that are associated with the administrative side are slashed in a major way and these systems are utilized in a very helpful manner. If multiple patients need to be reached at the same point, it is much more convenient to send a text message.

The days of calling each patient individually and hoping that they get the message are starting to become a thing of the past. As long as all of the HIPPA compliance rules and procedures have been followed to the absolute letter, both sides of the patient/doctor relationship stand to benefit greatly.


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