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We manage your calls for you at no charge! * We can craft an EFFECTIVE marketing message to get new customers into your business. * Not good with a computer? No problem, we load your list and send out calls. * Unlike competitors, messages are Crystal CLEAR and we complete ALL CALLS from your list. * Stay legal and follow all federal and state laws using our safe Robo-Calling system. * Lowest priced on automated phone calls with FREE transfer talk time and emails for key-hits. We are the lowest cost way to robo call customers by providing FCC & FTC compliant automated phone that are allowable in all states. Our Bulk SMS messages do not require preapproval by us! Sign for $29 and get 200 calls or text messages free! Calls or bulk text messages, the more you buy the better the pricing. No contracts, monthly fees, or charges for transfers talk-time minutes. You only pay for robo-calls that are delivered to live person or machine. You may have two separate messages and can be 3 minutes in length. Your phone numbers are ALWAYS CONFIDENTIAL and never shared. No monthly fees, pay as you go and your call units NEVER expire. Live transfer are FREE with free talk time without additional charges. Automated calling is easy and cost only pennies a call WE HAVE THE LOWEST OVERALL COST PER CALL without hidden charges or fees. Ask for our discounts for schools and 501C non-profit organizations. Pay with credit card, ACH, PayPal, Checks with approved credit. 8 years making robocalls with close to 1000 active, satisfied clients. We load all numbers, messages and send out calls for you upon request. We will guide you to make a great message. MAKE A MESSAGE: VIDEO Call us anytime with questions at: 888.666.0981 / 954.903.0834

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