We can help you get elected!

Your message can be sent to only registered voters to tell your story and why they need to vote for you! This is the best method to reach out and connect with voters. We do not supply voters' lists, but you can purchase a list from your political party.

Why should you partner with Robotalker.com?

Tell voters your story with messages up to two minutes at no additional cost.

We only charge for completed phone calls to either a live person or voice mail.

You can play one message for a live answer and a different message when it is left on their voicemail.

Your message units can be used for either ONE completed phone call or TWO text messages. There is no need for separate systems for your staff to learn, and text messages are half the price of phone calls (2 for 1).

Prompt listeners to press keys for polling or to accept a yard sign in front of their home.

We have been experts on effective robo calls and text messages for more than 12 years. You need an effective message to send out BEFORE absentee ballots are mailed, before early voting, and the day before the election to ensure they vote for you.

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Find new voters and gain tremendous name recognition in the voting booth

Robo calls are proven to work so use them to:

Build your name recognition. When the voter enters the booth, they need to know your name when it’s time to check the box.
Relay important news, events, and political endorsements to others in your party.
Convince independent, undecided, and swing voters that you are the best choice to elect to office.
The most cost effective way to relate with voters with both your voice and photo to ensure you stand out.
Get your supporters excited, and make sure they vote on Election Day.
Respond quickly with phone calls to address last-minute attacks from opponents.
Request voters to allow you to place yard signs, which can be prompted with the press of a button.

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Election Robocalls and text and why they work so well

The Delivery method

Use a provider who has a high delivery rate of 97% or better. This means that if the phone number is valid that the call will be placed to it even if the provider will lose money delivering it. Most automated call providers only guaranty 65-70% delivery and return “bad number” or “no answer”
Make sure that the disclaimer that you agree to at sign up does not say that the provider owns your phone numbers. Most call providers resell your phone numbers to marketers who spam these people. Read Robotalker's Terms

Important election verbiage to get more votes

A good rule of thumb is to repeat your name at least three times exactly as it will appear on the ballot.

People only care about what is in it for them so remember make the message all about them and not you. Talk about all the reasons they will profit if they elect you.

Use verbiage like “The organization XYZ say Tom Sullivan is..” and “Over the years many people have said that Tom is a great …." It always sounds better if the statement comes from someone else than yourself.

Each message should approach different issues and having multiple points of contact will build trust with votes and build a relationship.

Ask voters at the end of the message “If you would like to volunteer to help with Tom Sullivan’s political campaign please hit the number 7 key and we will contact you within the next couple days.”

Your robocall Election Message MUST:

Use positive messages about yourself and your past performance
Use soft music in the background at start of message
Be happy and upbeat and most of all be likable.
If you are going to talk about your opposition then talk about how the voter will be effected by their actions and not about the person.

And Always Always Always..

Create a separate message for Live and Voice mail deliveries. Remember that people do not have a pen and paper in hand when they answer the phone so websites and phone numbers should only be left on voice mail messages.
Make the voice mail message as if you personally called them to ask for their vote. “Sorry I missed you tonight but I wanted to tell you why it is so important for your family to vote for me, JOHN SMITH on November 3rd.