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Staying in touch with all church members is crucial. Our church texting service provides a secure and efficient way to communicate with members. You can reach everyone with one click or individually as needed. Our notification system increases awareness and lets you know when your message has been read. With the rise of technology, more and more churches are turning to Robotalker for their texting needs.

Enhance Your Church Communications with Texting Services

Our easy-to-use dialer and texting system allows you to send automated phone calls and text messages. Our charges are reasonable and calls are up to TWO minutes, so you can take your time. Our MONTHLY PLAN lets you make unlimited calls and texts to a limited list of numbers. Our 8-minute video will walk you through the process, and our interface offers email reports and analytics to track your call blasts and text campaigns.

Benefits of Using Our Texting and Calling Services for Churches

Group texting services for churches can improve attendance. Texts are hard to ignore, and Robotalker will help you attract more members and increase the popularity of your church. Check out the benefits of our church texting solutions and enhance your communications in just a few hours.

  • Share Event reminders, group activities
  • Send church SMS text messages within seconds
  • Ensure guaranteed delivery of the message
  • The attendance of an event can be increased using Robotalker’s mass text messaging service for churches
  • Robotalker has all these mentioned features & a team of professional customer support that’ll facilitate you getting the best church text messaging services.

Mass Text Messaging for Churches can be used for the following purposes

  • Bereavement Announcements
  • Choir Rehearsals
  • Event Reminders
  • Community Service
  • Emergency Messages
  • Volunteer Requests
  • Youth Group Activities
  • Scheduling Changes / Weather Cancellations
  • And many more..

For the finest mass church text messaging service experience, you can trust Robotalker. It has all the elements needed to make a church SMS system efficient. Robotalker delivers the most renowned service and value.


  • Affordable- No extra monthly fees
  • Unlimited church SMS text messages and phone calls for $20/100 contacts
  • The members can subscribe to your list just by sending a text
  • All calls and messages are 100% FTC and FCC legal.
  • Fastest speed, sending text within 3 SECONDS.
  • Offers recordings for up to 2 MINUTES
  • DIRECT delivery to voice-drops (~80%) with Ringless voicemails
  • GUARANTEED delivery of messages and calls
  • Share your church number with all members.
  • Simplest to use giving the best value
  • 10% more contacts/month for emails with .edu, .org, etc.

What Churches say about our services:

We have used Robotalker for many years and having moved to multiple churches over the past 8 years I always bringing this service with me..

Alex Smith Pastor

We use the service to keep our flock informed and provide them the opportunity to study before Sunday to gain a better understanding of God's word.

Father McLain Priest

We use both text blasts and automated phone calls to inform our congregation about deaths, events and youth groups so as to keep attendance high.

Mike Vincent Pastor

We use the monthly subscription and send out 4-5 text messages per week and at least 2 automated phone calls. We love how simple this service is to use

Ron Cummings Pastor

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Church Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are several mass texting programs available, and Robotalker is one of them.
The cost of sending a mass text message through Robotalker varies depending on the number of recipients and the features you need. However, the starting price is $9.
The easiest way to send a mass text is by using an automated calling and texting service like Robotalker. You can upload a list of phone numbers and send the message to all recipients at once.
With Robotalker, you can mass text up to 10,000 recipients at once. However, it's essential to ensure that your message complies with all legal requirements.


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