Sending large documents with a single text message

Did you know that text messages larger than 320 chars can be blocked a spam?
Our Smart Sms sends an introduction followed by a clickable link in place a long, expensive sms message!

Covid checklist

Zoom invites

All Languages

Lead generation

Our Smart SMS messaging avoids blocking by carriers

Easily deliver PDF's, contracts, forms and checklists in a single text
Text messages are delivered as a short message including a link.

EXAMPLE: BlueCross / Blue Shield is providing you a virus checklist. Please click on this secure link to view:

Multilingual messages Korean, Arabic, Russian, all languages work without the typical sms problems.
Politicians can send a long description along with a self photo and a list of reasons to vote.
Marketers can send images, products description sheets including links to their website.
Medical check lists and instruction sheets can be sent in a single text messages.
Simply type in your message as normal with length up to 2000 charterers and it's automatic.

Send documents, contracts, multiple links and attachments
Messages can be viewed for up to 48 hours then automatically disappear.
Logs a conformation that your message has been read by each recipient.