Robotalker Smart SMS

Robotalker is an automated mass texting service designed to help businesses send messages in bulk. It enables businesses to send customized messages to thousands of people at once with just a few clicks. It also offers a range of features that let businesses personalize their messages, schedule messages, and track their results. Robotalker can be used to send reminders, promotions, and updates, as well as to engage with customers and prospects. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Robotalker makes it easy for businesses to quickly and efficiently engage with their audiences.

Benefits of Using Robotalker:

Cost Efficiency: Robotalker’s Mass texting service allows businesses to save on labor costs by eliminating the need for manual customer support. Robotalker also reduces the cost of manual calling campaigns by automating the process of connecting with customers and delivering targeted messages.

Flexibility: Robotalker's automated text messages software is highly configurable, allowing businesses to customize messages for each customer and tailor them to fit their specific needs.

Accuracy: Robotalker eliminates manual errors associated with manual customer support and reduces the cost of manually maintaining customer lists.

Speed: Robotalker automates the customer interaction process, enabling businesses to quickly reach customers and deliver bulk texts in a matter of seconds.

Time-Saving: Text messaging services like Robotalker save businesses time by eliminating the need to manually contact customers and deliver messages.

Features: Best Text Blast Service

Automated text messages (Text Blasting)

What is Text Blasting?

Text blasting is a form of mass communication that uses bulk SMS (Short Message Service) to send large numbers of text messages to mobile phones. It is used by businesses to quickly and effectively send messages to their customers and target markets. Robotalker's Automated Text Messaging for businesses is a powerful tool that enables businesses to quickly and easily send out text messages to their customers. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing businesses to create and send messages with just a few clicks of a button. Our mass text messaging service can be used to send out promotional offers, discounts, and product updates, as well as other important messages. Robotalker's platform also allows businesses to track the effectiveness of their text messages and view detailed reports on the performance of their campaigns.

Scheduling & Timing Capabilities

Robotalker's automated messaging service features advanced scheduling and timing capabilities. This allows users to set up automated messages to be sent at precise times, or during specific periods throughout the day. Scheduled messages can be sent hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Robotalker also offers an advanced campaign scheduling feature that allows users to set up multiple messages to be sent out in a predetermined order. This feature is useful for setting up a series of messages to be sent out over a specific period of time. Finally, Robotalker's advanced timing capabilities allow users to send messages at specific times, or during specific intervals throughout the day. This is useful for sending messages that are time sensitive, or for scheduling messages to be sent when customer engagement is likely to be highest.

Data & Analytics

Robotalker has built-in analytics tools that allow you to monitor the success of your campaigns. You can see the total number of messages delivered, the number of messages sent to each list, and the number of new subscribers you've obtained, all in a single view. Information like this can be used to fine-tune your campaigns. A comprehensive report for each of your campaigns can be downloaded at your convenience. The first and last names, phone numbers, and delivery statuses of everyone who received a message during the campaign are all included in each report.

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