Prepaid Or Monthly Subscription

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Pay as you go

Starts at

Per message for 100 units

PAYG Message units never expire and can be used in any combination of automated phone calls OR text messages. We only subtract off your balance for completed calls and sent text messages.
(1 message unit = 1 call OR 2 txt)


Starts at


Per month for 100 contacts

Unlimited calls and text messages per day with a fixed never to exceed limit of monthly contacts. If you exceed the number of contacts, you will need to upgrade your account to the next level.
(No marketing or API access allowed)

The Best Overall Value - PERIOD!

The more message units you buy, the lower the cost

Pre-Paid Blocks of Message Units

Calls -OR- Text's Per Block Cost /Call /Txt

Monthly Subscriptions

Max Contacts Total Cost / Month

Pay as you go blocks

Buy more to lower the cost

Our system can tell the difference between live answer and voice mail and may leave a different message for each. Leave a two minute long voice message if call is unanswered!

Ring-less voice mail drops allow you to communicate without disturbing your clients! Message units never expire and can be used for either calls or text.

Press 1 transfers, predictive dialer with answer on answer capability, custom caller ID to be displayed for phone calls, and much more!

Send two text messages for every message unit and only pay for phone calls that are delivered to live or voicemail.

Monthly subscription

Fixed number of contacts

UNLIMITED calls and text messages for organizations with a fixed number contacts, but not to excess. You are limited to 10 sms times contacts per month. The number of contacts can be upgraded at anytime with a larger subscription.

All of the "pay as you go" features are included for the fixed number of contacts. Call and text your members as often as you like without any additional cost.

If you add and subtract contacts the removed contacts are still part of the monthly limit for 30 days, so normal updating of numbers should not suspend the account. (Sorry, no programmer API's are allowed for monthly subscriptions.)

View our automatic calling and text messaging: Advanced Features

Best value and the best service

No contracts or fees- all services are in prepaid blocks!
Allow your customers to subscribe to your opt-in lists.
Coverage for North America, Australia & Europe.
We are HIPAA compliant for messages containing PHI.
Transfer calls are FREE- no conversation time charges.
Long messages can be up to TWO MINUTES in length.
Ring-less voice mails offer DIRECT to voice mail.
We GUARANTEE successful delivery of all your calls.
Private text number with a local number at $10/year.
Texts down to 1.25¢ and calls down to 2.5¢.

We keep you legal

Organizations, businesses, employers, and retailers can message their customers legally. Using RoboCalls or text messages for marketing inside of a state's borders are legal as federal FTC laws DO NOT apply (state laws might). 501C's can legally call or text message ANYONE nationwide for fund raising activities. Our system keeps you FCC / FTC compliant for all calls and text messages.

More Info: Stay Legal Info

Our interface is 100% web based and works with any IPad, IPhone, Apple Laptop, Windows PC or your Android device.


discounts for charity

Get 10% more units for FREE!

Emails with .gov, .org, .church or .edu get 10% additional units with every purchase and 10% additional monthly contacts!

Lowest cost automated calls

Get 20K call / 40K Txt unit blocks

Only 4 cents per 2 minute long call and free transfer talk-time